You will find answers to the most common questions about our Batch For Books Payments service here. If you still have an issue – or have suggestions for new FAQs – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be happy to help.


Can I pay part of an invoice?

No. If any claims against an invoice are authorized, all associated transactions will also automatically be authorized.

A transaction has the status 'Not Paying'. How do I authorize it?

You can change the status of invoices marked 'Not Paying through Batch for Books' by selecting 'R' for 'Restore to Open' or 'A' to authorize the transaction to be paid. 

A box has arrived with no paper invoice. How can I find invoice details?

Log on to Batch For Books Payments and choose the Invoice Finder option from the Main Menu. Entering the order number or delivery note number will display details of any invoices relating to those numbers.


How do I make my payments to Batch For Books?

For information on making a bank transfer, please follow this link.

When will I see my invoices?

Invoices and credits will be shown on Batch For Books as soon as the vendors send them. The system displays invoice and credit data provided by the vendors; if there are errors or items missing, contact our team at

I am not sure what amount to transfer to Batch For Books.

The amount to be transferred is in the 'Ready for Payment' column.

Can I pay an invoice before the due date shown on my account?

Yes. Go to the 'Future period summary' and find the invoice to be paid early. Click on the invoice number to show the invoice detail and click on the 'Due Date' drop down box. There you will find the option to pay the invoice in the current clearance.

Where can I see my past payments?

Select ’Period Summaries’ from the Main Menu. Once there, click on ’Show Period‘ and choose ’Past‘ from the drop-down menu. Then select the date and the payment summary will be displayed.

Can I use Batch For Books for copy invoices?

Yes, any invoice can be printed directly from our website. On the system, you will find a complete record of all your transactions with each vendor.

There are invoices on Batch For Books that I have already paid. How do I remove them?

Select the invoice and click on the 'N' button ('Not paying'). Click on ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page and the transaction will be removed.

How do I find the balance of my funds with Batch For Books?

Click ‘Reports’ and then ‘Bookseller Payment Status’. This will show any balance carried forward from the previous month.

When can I see the amounts I have paid the vendors?

Early in the morning of the day following the closing date for authorizations, the amounts paid will be in 'Show Period – PAST'.

Can I take my credit notes before the due date that is shown on Batch For Books?

No – you must contact the vendor about taking any credit note early.

What do the red flags mean?

A red flag indicates an overall credit against a vendor, which will be carried forward to the following payment period.




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