If you are a publisher or other vendor who uses Batch For Books to handle your financial data, the FAQs below should hold answers to your day-to-day queries. If you need detailed information about the system, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a copy of our guide for vendors.


When will I receive a remittance advice?

The remittance advice showing all the transactions that have been paid will be available the day after the deadline for authorizations. It is usually sent to an FTP folder (in EDI and PDF format), emailed to selected contacts or it can be downloaded directly from the Batch For Books website. Click on ‘Reports’ to find your remittance advice notices.

If an invoice has been authorized, will it definitely be paid?

A bookseller has until midnight EST on the last day of the authorization deadline to unauthorize payments. Any payments that have been cleared by the closing date will be paid to the vendor.

How can I see what a bookseller has authorized for payment?

There are two ways to view this information. Go to the 'Reports' menu and click 'Current Period Summary' to see all the bookstores listed. Alternatively, from 'Reports' select 'Bookstore Balances'. Enter the bookstore's name and click 'Search'. This report will give you the bookstore's details in three sections:

1. Current period.
2. All periods - past, current, and future.
3. Past period. 

Can a bookseller take a credit note before the due date?

Yes, a bookstore can take a credit note early if you agree. Go to ‘Search’, click ‘Transaction finder’, enter the credit note number and click ‘Find’. The credit note will be listed. Click ‘Use this for Full Search’ then ‘Search’.

When you have found the credit note, click on the credit note number to open it. The due date will have a drop down box. Click on the date for the current period and ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page. The bookseller will then be able to authorize it for the next payment run.

How do I remove an invoice from Batch For Books that has been paid to us directly?

Contact the Support Team via support@batchforbooks.com and we will remove the invoice for you.

How do I remove a credit note from Batch For Books that has already been taken?

Contact the Support Team via support@batchforbooks.com and we will remove it for you.

What do the different ‘Status’ categories mean?

Open - no action has been taken on the transaction.
Verified – verified transactions have been checked to ensure that the goods have been received and the invoice details are correct.
Authorized – authorized to be paid when the transaction becomes due.
Cleared – any transactions that have been paid through Batch For Books in previous clearances.
Not Paying through Batch For Books – the transaction has been marked that it will not be paid through Batch For Books. (The bookseller can reverse this status by selecting 'Restore to Open'.)




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