There are many benefits to using Batch, but chief among them are you’ll be better organized and spend significantly less time on paperwork, data entry, resolving issues with publishers, making claims for damages and shortages, and preparing payments to publishers. Here are some of the benefits Batch users see:

Batch is free to use. 

There is no cost for booksellers to use Batch for Books. 

Instant access to invoices

Publishers transmit invoices and credits as soon as they create them, so stores don't have to wait for them to show up in the mail. Plus, the information is always accurate and mirrors what the publishers have in their systems.

No lost, missing, misplaced, or never arrived invoices

As invoices arrive, it is inevitable that one or two of them will occasionally go missing for one reason or another. That problem is eliminated on Batch as your invoices are securely and permanently stored for you to access at any time. 

Accuracy of Information

The information in Batch is a mirror of what the publishers have in their systems and is always accurate. 

No payment discrepancies

When Batch remits your payment, the correct invoices and credits are auto-allocated which means that there are never any discrepancies between what invoices you pay, what credits you apply, and what the publishers post to your account. You'll no longer need to send a payment and keep your fingers crossed it will be applied to the correct invoices and credits. 

Always know what you owe

Batch users don't have to wait on statements to arrive to know what they owe. Logging into Batch at any time will immediately show what's due by the end of the month. Batch users can also easily see what will be coming due in the future as well. 

Easy payment process

Batch users can save hours each month on preparing payments to the publishers owing to the simplicity of Batch's system, being able to see invoices and credits all in one convenient place, and only having to submit one single payment instead of separate payments for each publisher. 

Simplified workflow

Batch users can greatly simplify their workflow. All your invoices are loaded and stored without you needing to do a thing, so stores can reduce the amount of filing, sorting, organizing, printing, and even go paper free.

Eliminate data entry and ensure the accuracy of your information

Batch can integrate with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and QuickBooks Online to transmit invoice and payment information from Batch to QuickBooks. This eliminates the need to manually enter data into QB. Also, integrating Batch with QuickBooks eliminates errors and discrepancies because the information coming going from Batch to QuickBooks is coming directly from the publishers. 

Easy claims process

Submitting claims can be time consuming and onerous to keep track of. Stores are able to easily submit claims for damages and shortages through Batch with no phone calls or emails, and Batch will create a record for each claim submitted.

Batch is flexible

Every store operates a little - and sometimes a lot - differently from one another. The simplicity of the Batch user interface allows integration into all types of workflows. 

Batch can be used by stores of all types and sizes

There is no one, single, ideal Batch user. Batch users include small shops run by an owner/operator doing everything through large, multi-branch companies with staff dedicated to specific tasks. No matter the size, all stores can benefit by using Batch, even if they're only using Batch to pay a single publisher. 

Better intrastore communication

By necessity, stores often have complex workflows where an invoice has to go from person to person until it gets paid, so there are many chances for something to go wrong during the workflow. Using Batch provides a single access point for your invoices that makes it easy to keep everybody on the same page and to prevent problems from rising up. 

Shift your time and payroll to the things that matter most

Bookstores spend a lot of time and money keeping track of their finances and invoices because it's important that information is accurate, timely, and accessible. But doing that comes at a cost - namely, less time and payroll for bookselling and customer-facing initiatives. Using Batch can free up hours each month that you're able to shift from the back office to the sales floor and you use that time to do all the things you've been meaning to do without sacrificing any of the accuracy or integrity of making sure your invoices are in order. 


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