Batch for Books was developed to serve the bookselling community in the UK, but since 2020, is being used by bookstores across the United States. Booksellers save incredible amounts of time and money each month by using Batch for Books. But don't just take our word for it . . .

"It saves me so much time and so many headaches! I don’t have to worry whether I have missed entering an invoice into Quickbooks, I don’t have to worry about typo-ing a number or amount, and I know exactly when everything is due. I used to spend so much time manually entering invoices, and so much frustration trying to match invoices with statements. Even better, Batch (Nathan in particular) has devoted time and care to helping solve the few issues that have come up, and explain in terms that make sense to us both what has gone amiss between me and a credit rep. I dearly hope more big publishers get on Batch and highly recommend other bookstores join. It will free up so much of your time and brain space, and you will be able to pay bills smoothly and on time before getting back to doing the work you actually like doing. "

Gretchen Treu
A Room of One’s Own
Madison, WI

A Room of One's Own

"It streamlines my monthly bill paying so that I spend way less time keeping publisher accounts in order. Our receiving, tracking, and payment is a much smoother process because we're not chasing down documents that come by different methods and in a variety of formats it's all right there and I know it's taken care of."

Laurie Gilman, Owner
East City Bookshop
Washington, D.C.

East City Bookshop

"It saves so much bookkeeping time and improves bookkeeping accuracy, on both my side and the publisher side! Before Batch, I had to enter every single invoice individually into Quickbooks, and you know how Penguin Random House and HarperCollins both send kajillions of individual invoices for shipments large and small. Now I just mark them off in Batch which is so much faster. Batch with just 3 big vendors saves me several hours each week, and if every other big vendor like Hachette and Simon&Schuster would join in, the benefits would be increased exponentially. Recently I've had trouble with checks going lost in the mail, as well as my remittance info on paper checks not being followed by the publisher, resulting in a huge amount of problem-solving time required for both publisher and me. Using Batch avoids those issues completely."

Carol Price
BookPeople of Moscow
Moscow, ID

BookPeople of Moscow

"Batch saves us an incredible amount of time. It's simple to use, syncs easily with Quickbooks Online, and costs nothing. In a very short amount of time we have come to consider Batch an indispensable tool."

Andy Perham, CEO
Books Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Books Inc.

"Having as much as possible in one place makes paying invoices, staying on top of payments and having everything easily accessible in one place makes so much sense! Time, paper, stamps all saved! Also, it is allowing me some freedom to be away from the store for a bit as I will easily be able to pay my bills from anywhere."

Andrea Jones, Owner
Galaxy Bookshop
Hardwick, VT

Galaxy Bookshop

"I love Batch for many reasons. The latest is the ease of making claims for damages. No phone calls, no emails with pictures, no long wait for credit memos! We also use Batch to reprint invoices for receiving when they aren't included in the box. And then, of course, reconciling and paying my statements are so much easier."

Kathy Magruder
Pageturners Bookstore
Indianola, IA

Pageturners Bookstore


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