One of the primary purposes of Batch for Books is to enable bookstores to make payments to their vendors through Batch. Below is a summary of how to make payments through Batch and some general tips and best practices to keep in mind. The most important things to remember when starting to make payments through Batch are:

  1. Batch is not connected to your bank account and cannot draft funds from your bank account. Stores initiate the payment on their end. 
  2. Payments to Batch must be made by ACH or wire transfer. Batch does not accept payment via check or credit card. 

Batch Payment Process

  1. Select the invoices you want to pay. Batch will remit any invoice or credit that is current and authorized.
  2. Locate your payment amount. Stores can send one single payment for all their vendors and the total can be found on the current summary screen.
  3. Send your payment to Batch.  Payments can be sent via electronic bank transfer via ACH or wire transfer. Click here for Batch's bank information.

Upon receiving your payment, Batch will remit your invoice information and payment to your vendors based on the below remittance schedule.

Batch Remittance Schedule

  • Batch remits payments and invoices to the vendors every Friday morning and also on the last business day of the month.
  • Each remittance has a payment deadline - Wednesday evening at 5 pm (Friday remittances); two business days prior at 5 pm (last business day of the month)
  • Payments received after the payment deadline won't be remitted to the publisher until the next remittance.
  • 2024 remittance schedule and payment deadlines.

Other Payment Notes

  • Though we offer weekly remittances, stores don't have to make weekly payments. The majority of Batch users make one payment per month. 
  • Most stores will pay Batch by electronic bank transfer via ACH and it usually takes three business days for a payment to land in Batch's bank account. Be sure to take the transit time into account when planning your payment to Batch.
  • There is a weekly $40,000 limit per ACH payment and we ask that booksellers who need to send more than $40,000 in a single payment period make their payment via wire transfer instead of ACH.
  • If your bank charges a fee to transfer funds, Batch can cover one bank fee per month for at least the first six months you use Batch. Read below on how to get credit for bank fees.
  • At the payment deadline, Batch will clear the invoices you authorized for payment from your list of outstanding invoices. 
  • Batch will email a payment confirmation the morning after we receive and post your payment to your Batch web portal.
  • Batch will email a notification if we have not received payment for your authorized invoices by the payment deadline. 

Some best practices

  • If you're a new Batch user, we recommend immediately looking into how you will transfer funds to Batch instead of waiting to make your first payment. Sending a small test payment is always a good idea to gauge the timing and make sure the process is in place. 
  • For month-end payments, it's a good idea to schedule your payment to arrive the day before the payment deadline. While transferring funds electronically is much more reliable and consistent than USPS, we have sometimes seen payments land in Batch's bank account the day after the scheduled delivery date, which delays delivery of your payment to the vendors. 

Problems sending payments with your bank?

There are some financial institutions who make it difficult or don't have the ability to transfer funds via ACH. Other Batch users who have encountered similar problems have largely used a service called Melio Payments who offer a free way to send funds via ACH. More information can be found at

Getting credit for bank fees

If your bank charges a fee to send a payment to Batch, Batch will cover one fee per month for the first six months you use Batch. To get credit for this fee, just deduct the amount of the fee from the total payment.

Example: If your payment amount is $1,000 and the bank fee is $25, you would send Batch $975.


 To find out more about the various ways to set up a payment, please download the instructions: How to Make a Payment. If you have any questions about making payments through Batch, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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